Jonathan Mimouni – The Future of Consumers, Investors & Businesses Through The Perspective of Online Marketing

Online market is now an individual field having its very own market cap and almost every business of the world is now part of it. Those who are not, are also looking to get their businesses introduced in the online marketing industry. Ultimately, online market is one such industry which is rigorously evolving and expanding.

The existence of online market was however not possible if internet had not come into existence. So it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that the evolution of internet was one of the major innovations of the last century.

The Terms “Online Marketing” Or “Digital Marketing”

We all have heard the terms “online marketing” or “digital marketing”. Both words have the same meaning and represent a market of consumers and investors which is online and can be accessed virtually. A consumer or the investor does not require to physically pay a visit into the market and walk around it to explore products and inquire about the services the market has to offer. Instead, the market as well as its products, manufactured goods as well as services, can all be explored and examined virtually.

For virtually exploring the market, the consumers and investors have multiple ways to access such online markets. For instance, the major source of accessing this market is through internet. Other notable sources of access are through digital communications like email, text, social media, multimedia messages etc.


There are numerous purposes of online marketing, however, the basic purpose of it is to allow businesses to communicate or engage with their regular, usual and/or potential customers, buyers and investors. This is the reason why every business in the world is focusing greatly on this sector and wishes to take its business online.

From the perspective of customers, buyers and investors, online marketing gives them the opportunity to access local as well as global markets at their convenience. Without visiting these markets, they can simply access these markets through digital means like visiting websites, brochures, pamphlets, advertisements and commercials etc.


In the past 15 years, online marketing filed has expanded overwhelmingly. It now has an enormous size with hundreds of billions dollars business going on daily basis. The major players in this sector are online retail markets such as Amazon, e-bay etc. When three years ago, humanity was forced to fight the global pandemic, which they hadn’t seen for more than 100 years, the size of this sector doubled instantaneously.


There are uncountable benefits of online marketing for businesses, consumers and investors. The common and significant benefit for all of them however is the convenience. The convenience is such that it has completely eroded the physical effort by everyone irrespective of whether it is the consumer, retailer, investor or otherwise.

For instance, a consumer wishes to buy a pair of branded shoes and for that he does not need to physically go out of his home, ask for the location of the shoe store and go there and see the product with his own eyes. Instead, the consumer can simply go to the website of the branded shoe store, browse shoes from their relevant categories, select the pair and pay online and ensure delivery at his doorstep. This is the situation with almost every business of the world as they all have established their websites where they serve local as well as international customers.


Of course, the online market is still a fresh field as compared to the conventional market. However, the growth of this market is phenomenal and certainly the future of marketing would belong to online marketing. If you own a business of manufacturing products of consumer interest then you should seriously consider using digital industry for introducing your business to online consumers. The simplest way of doing is to engage services of an experienced online marketing solutions provider like Jonathan Mimouni Online Marketing. The said company is actively involved in rendering such services to global individuals and businesses who are looking for solutions.

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