Visiting Tel Aviv? Here are the Best 5 Hotels you Should Check Out

Whether you’re visiting a place for business or pleasure, there is one thing you’ll definitely need – accommodation. Accommodation doesn’t have to be just a place where you sleep and keep your stuff, it should also be a fun place.

If you’re visiting Tel Aviv, there are many hotels that will serve this purpose during the time of your visit. New ones come up every day, because of the massive tourism potential of the city, and the fact that it is the booming capital of one of the top nations in the world.

To ensure you don’t get confused about which one to use, we’ve handpicked five of the best ones that you should consider visiting when you get to the city. They may be a little on the high side in terms of price, but they are absolutely worth it.

The Jaffa Hotel

If you like historic artifacts and monuments, you’ll like this hotel. Everything about it reminds you of historic events with its dramatic architecture and slick modern interior. The building itself is a historic former hospital and monastery, no wonder the magnificence and style. 

From the smart restaurants, stylish cocktail bars to its relaxed pool area, everything is grand and charming to match the aura of this lavish hotel. If you’re looking for a place to escape the busy life of the city and have some solitude in a serene environment, this historic hotel will be perfect for you.

Hotel Montefiore

This is the first boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, but it’s still one of the grandest. Built in 1922, it is one of the oldest hotels in the city, but its age hardly shows with the magnificently beautiful design of this awesome place.

Are you the bookworm type of person? Then this is the hotel for you. Each room is stocked with a floor to ceiling shelf full of books you can read for fun while in the hotel. Its chic style interior also gives it the touch of a contemporary hotel, even though it is over a hundred years old.

The Levee

Tel Aviv is packed full with old but elegant hotels, and The Levee is no exception. Built in 1913, the ancient villa turned contemporary hotel has huge rooms that are typical of older architectural designs, but has an ultra modern touch that makes it compete with any hotel of today.

The hotel is located in one of the best districts in Tel Aviv, and you can easily mingle with the locals if this is something you want. With its 24 hour service, you’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want and the staff will be available to cater to your needs.

Dave Gordon

Just because tel Aviv hotels are glamorous doesn’t mean you can’t have some budget-friendly ones. Meet Dave Gordon, a modern style hotel located in the central areas of the city. It is one of the best budget hotels in the city due to its design, which is quite elegant.

Like many of the hotels in Tel Aviv, it was constructed out of a preserved Bauhaus building, which makes it just as historic as the others, only it has a touch of modern look to its design. If you’re looking for a combination of beauty and affordability, Dave Gordon is your place.

Dan Panorama Tel Aviv

If you’re a first time visitor to Tel Aviv, you will find this hotel most appealing. It is close to many landmarks in the city that you may wish to explore. Built close to the beach, you can always enjoy the view and maybe go to the beach for relaxation.

The beach however gets crowded with tourists at times, but the hotel has a way. There is a pool just outside where you can have a swim on crowded-beach days. Maybe you’ve been to Tel Aviv a few times but can’t seem to shake off the urge to explore more? This hotel is also perfect for you, and any adventurous person. 

What’s more? You get to enjoy a kosher breakfast buffet that not many people like to miss. Check out this cozy but stylish hotel for a quiet place to stay while you’re handling business and have fun.

Which Do You Prefer?

You may still find it hard to decide on which of these boutique hotels to choose, and understandably so. They all offer an amazing experience on your visit, but each one has its own way of leaving a different impression on you.

Other factors such as the price and availability are beyond your control, so you may end up picking one that is available and affordable. Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll have a fun time in Tel Aviv.

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