Types of Digital Marketing – Snir Moshe Hananya Highlights Their Importance

You cannot think of digital marketing without realizing the multiple methods that help you do perform it for your business. Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses a diverse range of ways through which digital technology and the internet integrate to produce a better customer outreach for businesses. Snir Moshe Hananya believes that no business can perform digital marketing effectively as a DIY activity without the help of any professionals. Therefore, it’s best to go for digital marketing tactics with the help of experienced and specialized individuals.

However, the main focus of this post will be on different types of digital marketing methods through which businesses attract various types and personas of customers. In simple words, digital marketing allows a company to mark its presence on the internet among the most competitive businesses.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into different forms of digital marketing that have helped businesses surpass their expected revenues and overall sales figures during recent years.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In easy words, when you start a business, the customers must be able to find it without any hassles. Besides, that’s the goal of nearly all legitimate businesses around us. But, how do you come across the right customers for your company if your website ranks extremely low on the search engine results pages? Well, that’s where Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps you. SEO isn’t children’s play and that’s why you should trust this complex job to the professionally trained and educated individuals at an agency.

SEO of your company’s website and online content will depend on the resources that the hired agency utilizes. For that reason, Snir Moshe Hananya suggests that you should hire only the most modernized and highly-equipped digital marketing agency that also specializes in SEO. If you’re running an online website where you offer wedding photography services, you want the customers to come to your website when they search “wedding photographer”. However, you’re not the only one offering those services, right?

In that case, SEO can help you write blogs, create website content, optimize your website, and do much more than that to rank higher on the search engine result pages. The closer you’re to the top of the list of search results, the more likely the potential customers are to click on your website.

Content Marketing

One of the ways that businesses earn the trust of their customers and potential customers is by providing answers to their questions and queries. To help you understand, content marketing deals with offering the solutions and answers to the queries of the customers that are related to the products or services that a business offers.

Customers are ever-hungry for the right information to fulfill their needs and requirements. Content marketing provides for their need through blogs, emails, social media posts, and several other channels. You can become a powerful business through content marketing which will help you win the confidence of your existing and potential customers. However, don’t forget that if you lack experience in the required field, you may end up creating a bad reputation for your business on the internet.

Look for a digital marketing agency that can help you gain a competitive edge in digital content marketing, recommends Snir Moshe Hananya. Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from text-filled articles and blogs to pictures and informative videos on the most famous social media and content sharing platforms.

Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t obsolete and you shouldn’t let go of it no matter how you see the competitors ignoring it. This type of digital marketing offers an extremely low cost per potential conversion that can result through email messages. Several businesses like to believe that email marketing isn’t a viable option nowadays. But, do you know that over half of the emails are usually opened on mobile phones by customers? Well, that’s significant information that highlights the opportunity for businesses to come in real-time contact with their targeted audience.

Through email marketing, you can send thousands of emails to existing customers, potential customers, and even target different customer personas. Today, with the help of digital tools, you can automate the process of sending emails to customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

You may not need an introduction to social media marketing. Snir Moshe Hananya believes that without social media marketing, a business is as good as non-existent. Over half of the world’s population is online and the majority of them utilize social media regularly. Thus, you don’t need an expert to help you realize the intact potential in social media marketing.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube boast billions of users and present a viable front to market your products and services. You must’ve seen paid adverts on one of the said platforms, right? You can make sure that you’re not far behind in the race of social media marketing by partnering with a great digital marketing company that also specializes in SMM.

Influence Marketing

Influence marketing has been in progress for years and it’s not a surprise. Nevertheless, you can’t ignore the impact that digital media channels and technology have had on influence marketing. Today, you see multiple brands’ ambassadors promoting the respective companies’ products and services throughout different types of platforms.

Digital influences aren’t only celebrities and famous stars but also renowned internet personalities that are known for their vast outreach to their targeted audience. When a publicly renowned personality claims to use the products and services of a specific business as part of their daily requirements, it improves the image of the business in eyes of the personality’s followers and fans.


Now that you’re aware of the most common and popular types of digital marketing methods, you should seek the support of the right digital marketing company near you. There are a ton of options for that but finding the right company can help you achieve results that would otherwise remain unimaginable for your business. From influencer marketing and social media marketing to email marketing, a professionally-organized and well-equipped digital marketing company can help you with all.

Snir Moshe Hananya recommends that you take your time before hiring a company for digital marketing services. Conversely, abstain from digital marketing yourself if you don’t have enough experience or have never tried it. It could potentially harm your reputation and image as an inexperienced business.

Learn more at the Snir Moshe Hananya online marketing services website: https://www.snirmoshehananya.com/native-advertising-services/

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