Tarantino Sells His First NFT at Auction and Earns $1.1 Million

Pulp fiction written by Quentin Tarantino features a hitman, Vincent Vega. The character, embodied by John Travolta, can be seen sipping a milkshake in one scene where he talks about it being expensive but good all the same. This is the same sentiment that is harbored by numerous fans across the globe, who have especially taken a liking to the classic flick from 1994. The fans’ love for the character, as well as the classics, may just grow now given that a company based in the State of Israel, SCRT Labs, made an announcement related to a specific non-fungible token or NFT. 

According to the company, and NFT consisting of a handwritten scene from the original screenplay written by Tarantino was recently sold at a value of $1.1 million after a bidding war. From the seven NFTs belonging to the script of Pulp Fiction, the first one being sold has been named Royale with Cheese. The Secret Network has taken the responsibility to sell these NFTs, which is a platform for data privacy, shared by SCRT Labs and Web3. The first of these NFTs features a particular scene where Vega, played by Travolta, and a fellow hitman, embodied by Samuel L. Jackson, talk about a couple of small differences that exist between the US and Europe. 

They especially discuss the fact that a quarter pounder in McDonald’s in Paris is referred to as Royale with Cheese. Consequently, the first NFT, Royale with Cheese, was acquired by an NFT collective of the Secret Network, namely AnonDAO. This consists of a couple of investors who got together to bid on the NFT and ended up winning the auction. The total number of confirmed bids made at the auction stood at 200, which also included various bids lying in the six to seven-figure range. Being admirers of the iconic filmography of Quentin Tarantino, the Anons quickly got together to gather the funds needed to acquire the first NFT being released in Tarantino’s NFT series. 

A spokesperson for the AnonDAO was quite excited by the victory the group had managed to bag. Furthermore, the CEO and founder of SCRT Labs, Guy Zyskind, stated that this current groundbreaking sale of the first NFT is proof of an iconic and memorable moment for the Secret Network, Quentin Tarantino himself, and the community. He went on to add how SCRT Labs provides its complete support to artists. The CEO further added that this sale has allowed the company to challenge the status quo by providing support to developers and creators, instead of conglomerates. 

He took to thank the community of the Secret Network for putting faith in SCRT Labs and expressed excitement at working together again in the future. Zyskind said that he was looking forward to collaborating on the Tarantino collection, as well as other NFTs placed in the market by other creators and artists. Tarantino, a resident of Tel Aviv, has managed to turn no less than seven chapters of his iconic film into an NFT publication. 

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