Another Female Guard Testifies Regarding Sexual Assault

Early on Friday morning, a female prison guard, who was formerly serving at the Gilboa Prison until the year 2015, testified to experiencing sexual assault while working there. This is the fourth female guard who has come forward to accuse Muhammad Atallah, a Fatah prisoner, imprisoned at the Gilboa Prison. As per sources, at the time of the woman’s prison placement, the IDF intelligence commander in charge was Nissim Pinnish. In the first week of December, she had come forward with claims against the Fatah prisoner. In the middle of December, the relevant authorities began an investigation into what has been dubbed as the pimping affair. 

The case was reopened by Amit Aisman, State Attorney, soon after he heard the testimony made by Freddy Ben Shitrit, the warden. His testimony led to pushing the pimping affair back into the spotlight after it went largely unnoticed after the year 2018. According to the words of this female prison guard, her commanders at the time were well aware of the harassment. She went on to add that they did not stop it from happening and further gave Atallah her phone number after she finished her time in service at the prison. She alleged that Atallah would touch her while she was working at the ward of the security prisoner. 

In addition, he had made calls to her on her personal cellphone, even after she had left her position as the guard. He would tell her that he missed her and that he knew where she resided. It was her harasser who had eventually told her that he had gotten her number from another prison guard. 

In other news, just recently, Mladen Krstajic was appointed as the new lead coach by the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, for the rest of the current season of 2021 till 2022. He will be replacing Barak Itzhaki, the sports director, who had taken up this position back when Patrick van Leeuwen had been asked to leave in the month of October. Krstajic is the latest replacement from a long list of bench bosses, who have been handed the keys to the club in the last decade. He is also the third ever Serbian to be appointed as the coach during this time period. 

Soon after his appointment, the club emerged victorious in its debut in the Israel State Cup by 4-0. It managed to beat Hapoel Marmorek, a club on the lower league side. It then went on to draw against Bnei Sakhnin at 1-1 in league play. Experts believe that Krstajic has his work cut out for him in order to bring the club forward in the big leagues. Just recently, the 47-year-old has been leading the charge of Backaa Topola, an outfit of the Serbian Super League. Prior to this, he had been working with the Serbia National Team as the head coach between the years of 2017 and 2019. During this time, he had also managed the squad when it competed in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

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