A Film Made by Israeli Directors Shortlisted for an Oscar

Just recently, Camp Confidential, a movie directed by directors from the State of Israel has made it to the shortlist for Oscars. The full name of the short film is Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis, which has been directed by two Israeli citizens, namely Daniel Sivan and Mor Loushy. Their work has managed to make the shortlist of the Academy Awards for the Best Documentary Short Subject category. The shortlist was announced just recently, leading to much enthusiasm within the Israeli film industry. Also available on Netflix, the movie depicts an amazing true story related to the US army bringing in a nuclear scientist, named Wernher von Braun, as well as several more high-ranking Nazis to a small secret camp. 

The camp was based in America and was being run by refugee soldiers of German-Jewish origin. The entire short film has been told through animations and interviews. Given that the movie has been added to a shortlist which consists of only 15 films, it is likely that Camp Confidential may soon become one of the five nominees for Oscars in this category. The final announcement for the nominations will be made on the 8th of February. Back in the year 2011, Strangers No More, a co-production of Israel and America, secured first place in this category. It was related to various children of foreign workers, studying in a school in Tel Aviv. The Best Foreign Language Film category, formerly known as the Best International Feature category, picks out one film from every country. 

It is then considered for an Oscar nomination. However, Israel had chosen Let It Be Morning, by Eran Kolirin, to be one of the 15 movies shortlisted but that did not happen. It is a story that revolves around an Arab family that is trapped in their own village when soldiers decide to seal off the road. It became the primary selection for the country after it managed to win the Ophir Award’s Best Picture category. Israel has had no less than 10 nominations present in this category. Back in the year 2012, the country added several movies for Joseph Cedar’s Footnote but was unable to take an award home. Consequently, it became the country with the highest number of nominations in the category without a win. 

This year, at least ninety-three countries have submitted their short films for consideration. The shortlist for the Best International Feature consists of Abner Benaim’s Plaza Cathedral, which is a production from Panama. The movie was developed in the well-known Jerusalem Sam Spiegel International Film Lab, which is a part of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School. Participants from across the globe, especially Israel, show up to this lab and work intensively to create a screenplay in the time span of a year. Back in 2016, the lab developed a film named, Son of Saul. It was well-liked by audiences across the globe and went on to win an Oscar in the same category. 

The Oscars have been scheduled to be held on the 27th of March in Los Angeles. 

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