Deep Purple to Come to Israel Next Year for a Performance

In recent news, Deep Purple, a legendary rock and roll band of British origin, has announced that it will be arriving in the State of Israel on the 22nd of May for a performance. The band’s concert will be held at the Menorah Hall, located in Tel Aviv, in their sixth visit to the Jewish state. 

Deep Purple is an endearing favorite of the people of the country due to the music that it produces. Consequently, all of its band members, namely Ian Gillen, the vocalist, Roger Glover, the bassist, Ian Pace, the drummer, Steve Morse, the guitarist, and Don Irie, the keyboardist, have successfully landed themselves a spot in the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The English band was founded in the year 1968 and is famous for several of its hits, such as Speed King and Smoke on the Water. It was known to be one of the top three British bands in the 1970s, alongside The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. 

The first concert that Deep Purple held was in Israel in the year 1991. Afterward, the band returned in the years 2008, 2011, 2014, as well as 2016. Despite the fact that the members of the band are considerably older now, there are concertgoers who state that the legends of rock and roll are still no worse for wear. 

A recent review of Deep Purple’s performance in the country asserted that though at the age of 70, Ian Gillen does not possess the range that he used to exhibit back in the day, his charm and charisma still manage to keep the audience engaged. In addition, the vocalist was further praised for his powerful presence on the stage, as was evident in his performances in 1969. 

The review went on to talk about how the most recent show held by the band in the country gave its loyal fan base everlasting memories. Five years ago, as per the review, the true legends of rock gave an outstanding performance. Now, the band is hoping to bring about the same infectious energy to the country, which has made it a musician staple for the last 50 years. 

In other news, soon after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a high-tech entrepreneur from Israel decided to deal with the matter himself and find a treatment that was viable and effective. He decided to carry out his own research, which included manipulating the system that does not give a better option to many. 

Previously, researchers working at the Bar-Ilan University published an article related to what is called ‘undone science’. These are areas of scientific research that are underexplored due to various reasons, including politics and finance. The main focus of the article is ‘mannitol’, which is viewed as a cure for Parkinson’s. It is also a common sweetener that researchers from the Tel Aviv University lab believe is effective in improving the conditions of patients of the disease. 

However, given that it is a natural substance, products made of mannitol cannot be patented. Thus, Vesely decided to pursue his own research and has now pushed to ensure that mannitol is placed at the top of the research agenda. 

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