Tel Aviv’s Revamped Arlozorov Street to See 600 more Homes

A lot of changes are taking place in Arlozorov Street in Tel Aviv, as a new urban renewal plan has been approved.

The goal is to make Arlozorov Street more pedestrian friendly, which means that cars will have less room because the sidewalks will be wider as will be cycle paths that travel along the Purple Line.

New plan

An urban renewal plan aimed at the Arlozorov Street in Tel Aviv recently received approval from the Tel Aviv District Planning and Building Commission.

According to the said plan, about 600 new housing units will be constructed on Arlozorov Street along the road.

Moreover, existing buildings on the street will also be strengthened and they will also be adapted to the plan for Rovas 3 and 4 in Tel Aviv.

This will also be done along the road, as it is one of the main thoroughfares of Tel Aviv. There is a complete makeover planned for Tel Aviv and this urban renewal plan is just a part of it.

This makeover leads from the Central railway station in Tel Aviv to the Hilton Hotel near the seafront and the Tel Aviv light rail’s Purple Line is expected to run along with it.

The details

The Tel Aviv Planning and Building Committee has promoted the new plan, which the Municipal Platform had designed.

As per the details of the plan, they will not allow a building to be constructed on the east of Ibn Gbriol Street that has more than 10 floors.

As for the west of Ibn Gbriol Street, a building will not be permitted to have more than eight floors, while the southern side will only be permitted to have six floors.

This recent plan is essentially the combination of two plans that had been presented almost a decade ago, but had not received approval. The said plan has seen about 47 objections made against it so far.

One of the most prominent principles of the urban renewal plan is to reduce the space available for cars on Arlozorov Street and to make it friendlier for pedestrian.

Therefore, it will have cycle paths and wider sidewalks that will run along the light rail system, which is still under construction.

The chairman

The chairman of the Tel Aviv District Planning and Building Commission, Eran Nitzan said that the transformation had been approved by the Committee, along with the Tel Aviv Municipality.

He said that their aim was to help transform Arlozorov Street into one that would have generous public space and no fences and they intended to give priority to light rail users and pedestrians.

He added that the plan would allow cafes and commerce to be established along the light rail that will be located at the center of the street.

He went on to say that the plan would also connect Arlozorov Street’s central transport complex to the seafront and would make it an inviting, pleasant and shaded street.

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