Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Implements AI Technology

A unique Israeli development has combined artificial intelligence (AI) and digital pathology, which has been used for diagnosing a cancer mutation within minutes.

The pathologists working at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv were able to diagnose the mutation quickly and also make adjustments to the treatment, thanks to the new technology.

The difference

In order to identify mutations, a genetic molecular test has to be performed on every tumor, which is quite complex, and then a personalized treatment is given to the patients.

This process can take a number of weeks during which no treatment is given, allowing the cancer to progress.

This time period can mean the difference between life and death in the case of aggressive metastatic cancer.

Sourasky’s pathology institute is taking advantage of the new technology that has been developed by Israeli startup called Imagene.

The startup was launched two years ago in Tel Aviv and its mission was to ensure that cancer patients can receive the optimal treatments that can be offered in the field of medicine.

Imagene uses artificial intelligence (AI) for detecting a wide range of genomic insights and cancerous biomarkers in real-time through the biopsy image.

The technology

According to the startup, they are able to overcome the technological, logistical and the economic barriers that exist for providing precision medicine to those suffering from cancer.

It said that they were revolutionizing the concept of molecular screen for research as well as clinical practice and was collaborating with top-tier pharmaceutical companies and medical centers to do so.

In order to accomplish its goal, the company takes advantage of the digital pathology capability of the Sourasky Medical Center.

It is able to turn the tumor’s appearance under the microscope into high-resolution images and a special algorithm has been developed by the company for identifying the cells that have different mutations.

This enables it to identify the presence of a mutation as soon as the tumor is observed under a microscope. There is no need for performing a complex genetic test because it can be done in minutes.

The use

There were two cancer patients who received treatment at the Sourasky Medical Center and benefitted from Imagene’s technology in a clinical setting.

Both patients needed immediate treatment because they were suffering from turbulent metastatic disease.

Imagen’s algorithm was used in light of the medical urgency and it was able to identify treatable mutations within minutes.

The findings were also used for performing a rapid and targeted genetic test, which confirmed the mutation’s presence and treatment was initiated within 24 hours.

The director of the pathology institute, Prof. Dov Hershkovitz said that they participate in innovative tech developments and research activities, but are able to see the direct benefits only occasionally.

He said that they were pleased to be working with an innovative and leading Israeli firm and had already seen a big impact in the quality of care.

The oncology division’s Prof. Ido Wolf also said that the achievement was amazing and would allow them to save lives.

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