Tel Aviv to Permit Unmarried Couples to Get Registered on the Municipal Database

In recent news, the Yafo Municipality of Tel Aviv has now become the first-ever local authority in the State of Israel to grant permission to unmarried couples to register in the database of the area. This also includes partners belonging to the same sex. As per the registration, domestic partners will be easily able to receive all the municipal services, without having to deal with additional bureaucracy. In addition, as long as they are sharing the same home, they will be treated like married couples by the local authorities. 

The Yafo Municipality in the city is in charge of handling culture, education, infrastructure, social welfare, sanitation, and urban planning on a local level. It is currently headed by Ron Huldai, the Mayor. The change made to the regulations related to the municipal database stand to benefit all those couples who register and are living together. Their joint household will grant them the same kind of municipal rights and services, as enjoyed by married couples in the region. 

Registering on the database will grant unmarried couples to numerous perks and services, which include parking permits for the two partners, discounts that they can avail at the community center, as well as dual memberships at the local country clubs. Moreover, they will have access to discounts on their properties, particularly when one partner has the right to a discount. Before this regulation, only 50% discount was offered to an unmarried couple. 

Registration on the municipality database is dependent entirely on the direction taken by the application process. It has now been opened to all couples living together without marriage, defining them as cohabiting partners being offered by the National Insurance Institute, the application is not difficult. It requires nothing more than the ID cards of the two applicants, along with a written declaration that they manage a joint household. 

In addition, the written declaration establishing cohabitation is to be signed by either a lawyer or a relevant official of the National Insurance Institute. Once the unmarried couple finishes their application process and are registered, the Yafo municipality of Tel Aviv will present them with a certificate as proof. It will be sent to the email addresses of the two applicants. The application itself and the certificate issued are both free of charge. 

In other news, two people sustained serious injuries late on Thursday, after being in a car explosion in Nahariya. Two men, one aged 19, and the other aged 32, were evacuated from HaMeyasedim Street in serious condition. They were rushed to the Galilee Medical Center and taken to the operating room right away. Police have now opened up an investigation into the matter and are trying to find the perpetrators. They were one of the first to arrive on the scene to gather evidence. Soon after the completion of an initial assessment, the investigation was handed over to the Central Unit, belonging to the Coastal District. As of now, the authorities suspect that the incident was an attempt at assassination. 

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