Large Waste Composter Christened in the City of Tel Aviv

In recent news, a celebratory ceremony was held at the Dizengoff Center to christen a large waste composter in the State of Israel. Tamar Zandberg, the environment protection minister, was also in attendance at the ceremony. Named Ecodrum, the composter is being applauded for its unique capabilities. It is going to pave the way for private businesses to be more responsible towards the environment and turn their generated organic waste into compost. 

Just a little while ago, the Dizengoff Center completed a pilot run. This is where the relevant authorities decided that the machine will stay permanently. The project was a joint effort of the Tel Aviv municipality, the popular supermarket chain, Mega, Ecocity Green, the company, as well as Tzalul, an environmental NGO based in the country. 

The composter stretches for 10 meters and has the ability to hold no less than 22,000 liters. Its total weight has been revealed to be four tons. The composter can easily recycle somewhere between half a ton to a ton of waste on a daily basis. The waste that the Dizengoff machine will recycle will mainly be provided by the restaurants and Mega supermarkets located on its premises. The Tel Aviv municipality, on the other hand, has taken up the responsibility of providing the wood trimmings to the machine. 

The two ingredients together are responsible for creating compost of high quality when mixed. This will later be used by the municipality of the city and the people living there. The localized process of turning waste into compost will ensure that the former does not have to be transported to burial sites. Thus, this will consequently bring about a decline in methane gas emissions, which poses a threat to the environment. 

Zandberg said that the country currently buries no less than 80% of its waste and she intends to bring about facilities and legislation that change this practice. The Dizengoff Center is seeking to reduce its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, bringing it down to 0 by the year 2028. This was revealed by part-owner and CEO of Ecodrum, Dan Filtz. He went on to add that the company will be saving the people of the country somewhere around NIS 200,000 and NIS 300,000 in a year with the machine. 

Maya Jacobs, the head of the NGO Tzalul, asserted that she and her team believe that the groundbreaking progress being made by the Dizengoff Center will help prove that responsibility towards the environment is good for both, the health of humans and nature. She further talked about how it will be economically efficient and allow the state to save up on a number of resources. 

In other news, the annual bike ride fundraiser for ALYN Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, Wheels of Love, will be starting on Sunday in the State of Israel. This is the first time that these rides will also be held in Europe and US, in order to cover the heavy financial losses borne by the hospital in light of the deadly coronavirus. 

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