Tel Aviv Neighborhood Named Best in Israel

According to the Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS), when socioeconomic parameters are taken into account, the best neighborhood in Israel is Sarona in Tel Aviv.

As it turns out, out of the ten highest ranked neighborhoods in the country, six of them are in the capital city of Tel Aviv, while most of the lowest ranked ones can be found in Jerusalem.

The neighborhoods

Sarona is at the top of the list and is followed by the Tzahala neighborhood in Tel Aviv and Denya in Haifa.

The report also dictates that the worst neighborhoods in socioeconomic terms in Israel are those in the ultra-Orthodox areas of Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Bnei Brak.

Since the previous report, Tel Aviv’s representation in the list of the country’s top ten neighborhoods has increased to six.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem’s representation has increased when it comes to lowest ranked neighborhoods in terms of socioeconomic standards.

The factors

In order to assess the population’s socioeconomic level, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) considers a number of characteristics of the area’s population.

These include their pensions, employment, standard of living, education and training and demographics. For instance, the median age of the residents is included in the final weighting of the factors.

Others include the academic degrees, the years of schooling, and the percentage of families that have a higher number of kids, average income, employment, the average time people spend abroad and the average number of vehicles of a family.

All of these details are used for calculating the final mark that is assigned to a particular neighborhood. A mark of 10 was given to a total of 78 neighborhoods in the country.

Out of these 39 neighborhoods are in Tel Aviv, nine of them in Haifa and six are located in Ramat Hasharon. There are also three neighborhoods in Modi’in and four that are in Ramat Gan.

The last report by CBS was issued in 2017 and since then, a mark of 10 has been given to 17 more neighborhoods.

More details

The top 3 neighborhoods that received a mark of 10 were Sarona, Tzahala and Denya, as mentioned above.

After these, the neighborhoods that fell in the 10 category included Tel Aviv’s Bitzaron West, Park Tzameret and Afeka.

Next was Ramat Hasharon’s Neve Gan and Reut North and Reut South in Modi’in-Reut-Maccabim, as well as Tel Aviv’s Hamishtala.

The other neighborhoods that also fell in the highest 10 category included Herzliya’s Reichman University neighborhood and Rosh Ha’ayin’s Neve Afek.

The latest report saw Herzliya Pituah relegated to the nine category from the ten, along with the Vardiya neighborhood in Haifa.

As for the lowest category of neighborhoods, there were a total of 115, with Jerusalem having 54 of them, Bnei Brak having 16 and nine each in Rahat and Modi’in Illit.

There was one neighborhood from Tel Aviv that fell in the lowest category, which is a small one located between Derekh Hahagana and Derekh Moshe Dayan with 269 residents.

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