TAU Ventures Launches Educational Programs for Managers of Growing Startups

In recent news, ‘Ventures’ a venture capital fund based in Tel Aviv University, launched educational programs aimed at managers working in hyper-growth startups. Ventures is known for investing in various companies across the State of Israel, which are just taking off. It has, therefore, launched a first-ever program to teach managers working for portfolio companies all about the various stages of hyper-growth. This is being done to foster a leadership mindset, provide effective management techniques and tools, as leaders are able to readily improve upon their performance. It is no secret that the Jewish state has been dubbed as the startup nation time and time again. 

These small companies popping all over the country are commonly equipped with an exceptional business model, brilliant technological abilities, as well as rich personnel capital. However, early-stage startups can often face several challenges, as their management capabilities and organizational systems are unable to withstand the fast pace of the businesses in the country. As a result, the company starts to fall behind. Typically, when a startup company is established, the initial team members bring in new employees. However, as people continue to join, the entire system of managing them starts to become challenging. 

Leadership positions are left empty, where a majority of the employees do not have enough experience to take up such positions. But as hyper-growth starts to settle in, the demand of the organization starts to outgrow the initial talent. This catch has primarily been witnessed by new founders establishing startups. However, their mid-management levels and a limited number of resources prevent investors from allocating funds to these startups. Thus, TAU Ventures has decided to launch a program to aid businesses to deal with this growing challenge. The length of the program has been decided to be 11 weeks, which will equip managers with a leadership mindset and necessary tools to raise the quality of management and improve. 

The program was created by TAU Ventures in collaboration with the professional and experienced leadership of MileStone, a consulting agency. It will help support startups, specifically those seeking to create a strong structure for management. Michal Malka Perry, belonging to MileStone, stated that there are a couple of common challenges that a majority of managers have to deal with. In her words, they have to display their super talent, while building a team of stars that can build a plane while in the air. She went on to say that managers are simultaneously faced with the task of attracting new and additional talent. 

Thus, they have to outshine the ocean of companies that already exist by way of highlighting their distinct features. Moreover, she said that it is up to the managers of startups to know how to sell their company to candidates and responsibly build a path of development for their employees. Perry asserted how all these tasks have to be done in super competitive environment and lauded the efforts of startups that have successfully survived. 

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