Suspected Terrorist Found Hanged in Tel Aviv

On Tuesday evening, an 84 year old woman had been killed in what was referred to a terrorist attack by the police.

The body of the Palestinian suspect was found on Wednesday morning hanging in an abandoned building in Tel Aviv.

The suspect

The man was discovered dead in a building located on Bar Kochba Street, which is not far from the central Dizengoff Street in the city.

He was a 28-year old Palestinian named Mousa Sarsour from Qalqilya and the police believe he committed suicide. Kobi Shabtai, the chief of police, was also at the scene.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, five suspects had been arrested by the troops in the town of Sarta in overnight raids at the West Bank.

The IDF said that the arrests were made in connection to the attack and they included relatives of Sarsour.

The victim who was murdered was disclosed to be Shulamit Rachel Ovadia, who was 84 years old. On Wednesday, an unnamed relative of Sarsour stated that they do not believe he killed Ovadia.

The relative further revealed that Sarsour was suffering from mental health issues. They said that Mousa was quiet and shy and rarely spoke to family members.

They added that they did not understand what was happening and would wait for the investigation’s results.

The murder

Ovadia was killed in the suburb of Holon in Tel Aviv and a blunt object was used for delivering blows to the head that resulted in her death.

The murder took place on Hahashmona’im Street and neighbors called the police after hearing her screams.

The officials found her to be seriously wounded and officials disclosed in the ensuing hours that the Shin Bet agency had been called into the investigation.

This was in light of growing suspicions that it was a terror attack. They had discovered CCTV footage in which Ovadia was being followed by a man wearing dark clothes.

She had been walking towards her house when she was attacked from behind. The suspect fled the scene after landing several blows and nothing was stolen.

Ovadia’s son-in-law said that the family was shocked and did not know what had happened. They added that she had probably been in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Sarsour’s background

Sarsour had come to Israel on a work permit. In recent weeks, he was reported questioned twice by the police, but had been released because he had a valid permit.

He also did not have any warnings and had not committed any prior security offenses. A manhunt had been launched after the murder and it was several hours before his body was discovered.

A woman said that after Sarsour’s image had been released, she had remembering seeing him an hour after the attack on a bus in Tel Aviv.

She stated that when he got on the bus, he had talked to the driver for a long time. She had contacted the police in the evening when she realized he was a murder suspect.

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