Police Arrest Sister of the Woman who Fell from a Tel Aviv Building

On Wednesday, media reports revealed that the police had arrested the sister of the woman who had died earlier this year when she fell from the roof of her building.

It was disclosed that the sister had made a suspiciously large life insurance claim that resulted in the arrest.

The arrest

On Tuesday, the police had said that a 61 year-old woman had been arrested a day earlier, as she was suspected of being involved in the death of her relative who had died when she fell from a building in Tel Aviv where she resided.

The victim had been a 65 year old woman who had been found on April 26th at the foot of a building located on Pumbedita Street.

She had been pronounced dead at the scene when the paramedics had not been able to revive her. An autopsy had been performed on the woman’s body and there had not been any suspicious evidence.

The conclusion of the police was that she had probably gone to the roof for checking a water heater and had tripped and fallen to her death.

Changes in policy

However, it turned out that the sister of the deceased woman had changed the life insurance policies of the victim both before and after her death.

This had resulted in a higher payout and the sister had then filed a claim of about NIS 6 million. The insurance company had become suspicious due to these developments.

Therefore, it had reached out to the police and asked them to reopen the investigation. The remand of the suspected sister had been extended by six days on Tuesday.

This was seen as a long period as she does not have a criminal background and also because of her age. It was also noted that the all evidence against the sister is circumstantial because there is no footage of the incident.

The sister

According to the suspect, she did not push her sister off the roof because at the time the incident occurred, she had been at a shopping center nearby.

However, her account was contradicted by the initial police reports, which said that the sister of the victim had been at home when the incident occurred.

Idan Pesach, the attorney of the suspect said that his client has no criminal past and is an academic who possesses a doctorate degree.

He also added that the two sisters had been close and that they had taken care of each other as they lived together.

The lawyer said that the sister had taken care of the financial and medical needs of the deceased, so even the thought of her being connected to her death was outrageous and shocking.

Reports revealed that police had begun to talk to other residents of the building after reopening the investigation on Tuesday.

They were asking them about the nature of the relationship between the two sisters. Some of the neighbors reportedly said that they had heard screaming from the sisters’ apartment.

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