Open Chess Championship to be Hosted by Israel at Safed

In recent news, Israeli Open Chess Championship for the year 2021 has been scheduled to be held at Safed in the month of December. This news was announced by the Israel Chess Federation itself. The tournament will begin on the 8th of December and continue on till the 17th of December. It has been decided that prizes with a total worth of NIS 80,000 will be given out to all those who secure positions in the competition. 

Along with hosting the championship, Safed Municipality has decided that it will be arranging a slew of events throughout that particular week to encourage more people to take an active interest in the game of chess. These events will be organized in collaboration with the national lottery of the country, Mifal HaPayis, and the Israel Chess Foundation. The educational institutions and schools in the city will also be sending students to take part in various chess matches, as well as compete with the crowned chess champion of the State of Israel. 

Tzvika Barkai, the CEO of the Israel Chess Federation, said that promoting chess throughout the country is of utmost importance to the country and its people. He went on to add that the municipality is excited to ensure that chess is brought over to the periphery of Israel. According to him, the people of Safed will absolutely love and enjoy this game. 

The Mayor of the Safed Municipality, Shuki Ohana, expressed how proud and excited the city is to be playing host to the Open Chess Championship of the country. He added that the aim of this is to ensure that the youth residing in Safed is able to connect to the game, which is instrumental when it comes to helping youngsters develop strategic thinking. While listing several other benefits of the game, he added that it promotes education for respect and garners patience in people, leading to a considerable improvement in the process of decision making. 

In other news, the inactive fuel base of the IDF, located in the northern area of Nesher and near Haifa, will soon be relocated. This action will be taken as part of a deal struck between the Finance and Defense Ministries, as well as the Israel Land Authority (ILA). Situated close to Haifa Bay, the bay will be completely emptied, and consequently, repurposed to make up a new industrial zone for the region. This announcement of the relocation received various positive responses and the Mayor of Nesher, Roei Levy, expressed excitement. 

In his words, marketing the region will bring in more investment from retail chains and entrepreneurs. He added how the base is located just adjacent to the industrial zone that already exists and fostering that growth will be beneficial for the city. The head of ILA, Yaacov Quint, added that the relocation of the base at Nesher will make way for optimal utilization of the existing land. According to him, it will spur the development of the city for the benefit of the people living in it. 

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