An Employment Program for Senior Citizens Launched by the Government

In recent news, the Social Equality Ministry of the State of Israel entered into an agreement with two corporations. The deal is a part of a recently devised national plan, which aims to ensure that a greater number of senior citizens are brought into the workforce. Tigbur and Maof, the two companies, will be kicking off this new project that has been given the title, Seniors in the Workplace. A part of the project will involve focusing on coming up with a placement plan. Through this outline, the government hopes that the quality of the hiring process employed, in cases of senior citizens, will improve. 

Another objective of the plan is to strive to bring about a change in the social perceptions regarding the senior citizens in the workforce. The government hopes that the plan is going to be instrumental in helping them come up with practical solutions for the job market.  Due to the project, no less than 500 people were assigned to the workforce in the year 2020. Now that Tigbur and Maof have also come onboard, the goal of the program has increased towards ensuring that 3,000 citizens are placed in the workforce by the year 2022. In addition, the government is hoping that there will be a 10% increase in this number in every year that follows. 

Together, the two corporations hope to also set up a website, designed specifically for people aged over 60. This will aid them in searching for jobs. Moreover, the plan to ensure the employment of senior citizens entails the setting up of various employment centers to support users, assisting them in writing CVs, providing training, and making efforts to enlist additional employers who will take senior citizens on. Lastly, the companies will work in tandem to eliminate any obstacles that may stand in their way. 

In other news, the National Civil Service, Sherut Leumi, recently conducted a poll and were able to report that 62% of the participants believed that the service, as well as those enlisting in it are undervalued. The force is an alternative option for those citizens of the country, who are either exempt from or ineligible for the military service. IPANEL, a survey company, joined hands to help carry out this poll and successfully reached no less than 500 people aged around 18. The respondents were asked to answer a handful of questions that concerned the Sherut Leumi. 

The other results of the poll indicated that 91% of those responding were of the opinion that the State of Israel does not need a national-civil service at all. Whereas 95% believe that the national service is the appropriate alternative for citizens unable to be a part of the country’s military service. In addition, 86% of the respondents think that the volunteers of the national-civil service are just as patriotic as the soldiers in the IDF. However, 14% of those who participated in the survey did not agree with this sentiment. Furthermore, 64% of the people responding added that they believe that a majority of the religious people are brought into the national service, whereas 10% claimed that it was Arabs. 

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