MK of New Hope to Take Up Mantle as Deputy Education Minister

In recent news, the cabinet has voted to appoint MK of New Hope, Meir Yitzhak Halevy, as the new deputy education minister. After he is officially appointed, Halevy will go on to become the sixth deputy minister and will join Idan Roll and Yoav Segalovitz from Yesh Atid, Yair Golan from Meretz, Abir Kara from Yamina, and Blue and White’s Alon Schuster. As of now, there are a total of 28 ministers. From the sum of 34 deputies and ministers, 21 have already backed out of the Knesset through the Norwegian Law. Nachman Shai, the Minister for Diaspora Affairs, has also taken his name off the Labor list, even before he set foot in the Knesset. 

Where Halevy is concerned, he will continue on as an MK. The coalition has now fallen on to only 60 MKs who are active, soon after Shirley Pinto, the MK of Yamina, gave birth to a girl, her now second child. Given that there is no maternity leave for members of the Knesset, Pinto had to step down from her position. As of now, the coalition is facing the possibility of trouble when the time comes to defeat the no-confidence votes on Monday with a narrow majority of 60-59. Moreover, the opposition has outright refused to pair off with the MK of Yamina. However, the MK of Joint List, Aida Touma-Sliman was questioned about this matter. 

She is set to head the Committee of the Knesset for the Status of Women and said that she would be willing to pair off with the Yamina MK. However, Pinto has not yet approached her for it. On the other hand, sources present inside the coalition leadership revealed that they would rather prefer Pinto to be paired off with an MK belonging to the Likud party. A senior inside source added that they would like to see the ‘so-called feminist MKs’ in the party to turn down a request made by a woman who gave birth just a couple of days ago. 

In other news, the Shin Bet’s Ministerial Committee has made the final decision to put an end to the security protection detail being provided to the family of former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The day the security detail will be lifted is going to be the six-month anniversary of his departure from the respective office. The ministers were briefed by several representatives belonging to the Israel Security Agency, Shin Bet, as well as the Mossad, National Security Council, and the police. The meeting only lasted half an hour and sources revealed that no one at the meeting saw any reason to extend the security detail. 

Their final decision entails that Sara Netanyahu, as well as her sons, Avner and Yair, will no longer be given a car and driver that are funded by the treasury of the state. When Netanyahu was the Prime Minister, Yair is famously known to have the state-provided chauffeur drive him, along with his friends, to a strip club located in Tel Aviv

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