Hydrogen Turbine by HydroGen Signals the Fuel of the Future

In recent news, the State of Israel has revealed that the upcoming manifestation of renewable energy is being developed by expert researchers in the country. According to relevant sources, a new project is in the works as part of a new Israeli research and development project. TurboGen, a firm that specializes in the building of hybrid microturbines for the purpose of self-generation of heat and electricity in microgrids, is hoping to innovate new technology. The structures and buildings expert is currently working to ensure that any systems it develops are able to utilize hydrogen, in order to generate electricity. 

As countries and companies across the globe are transitioning towards clean energies, the company hopes to pioneer a project to develop a microturbine and enable it to operate completely on hydrogen. Various firms around the world are coming up with large-scale sustainable projects for the purpose of hydrogen production. Governments and companies are looking for innovative and new ways to make a successful transition to various renewable energy sources. In order to play its role in this, TurboGen has turned towards hydrogen to help secure a cleaner and more sustainable future. The natural element is known for its properties that allow it to easily combine with oxygen in several specific configurations. 

As a result, electricity is produced, which is similar to the structure of batteries these days. On the other hand, hydrogen cells do not consist of harmful corrosive chemicals like standard batteries do. Moreover, the energy production of hydrogen is renewable, as well as clean and produces minimal carbon emissions. TurboGen has estimated that the distinct architecture of its new microturbine will require only minor changes and then easily operate the combustion chamber. The chamber is responsible for mixing around 50% hydrogen and then develop a dedicated combustion cell utilizing only hydrogen. 

Yaron Gibo, the CEO of TurboGen, stated that the steps taken by the company to transition to 100% hydrogen for heat and electricity generation is a significant event for the firm, as well as the company. He added that this is an ode to the business potential of the company. According to him, the goal of TurboGen is to come up with and sell a non-polluting and green solution based solely on hydrogen. The CEO further disclosed that there are already indications that the newly developed turbine is well-suited to work with around 50% combination with a mixture of natural gas. 

He said that the next aim for the company is to see the development through a combustion cell, which aligns with the combustion of 100% hydrogen. As of now, TurboGen is not the only firm that is investing its resources and time into producing effective hydrogen energy. Earlier in the year, Colmobil, a well-known vehicle importer, revealed that it will be importing hydrogen-powered trucks that have been made by Hyundai. The CEO of the company, Yaniv Shirazi, revealed that Israel is one of the first few countries across the globe to pioneer the movement of such fuel cells on the roads of the country. 

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