Hanukkah Candles Lit at Sheba by Bahraini Ambassador to Israel

In recent news, a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony was hosted by the Sheba Medical Center. The organizers invited H.E. Khaled Yusuf Al Jalahama, the Bahraini ambassador to the State of Israel, to participate in the celebrations of the Abraham Accords, along with the collaborations that have resulted on their account. This is the first public event and candle-lighting ceremony to have been held with the newly appointed Bahraini ambassador. Back in August of 2020, the Abraham Accords had been developed and signed. However, even before the signatures had been made on the document, Sheba had already joined hands with several countries located in the Gulf region. 

It has been working with them in a handful of low-key capacities. Since then, the country has managed to enter into multiple deals with these countries to work together, alongside Emirati and Bahraini medical partners. For example, just recently Sheba partnered up with two of the largest hospitals in Bahrain for research initiatives. It has also made a deal for a memorandum of understanding with Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health. This initiative will help improve healthcare services, as well as develop them. As of now, Sheba has opened up a dialogue with another Bahraini hospital. 

Several other hospitals have also joined hands and decided to work with the countries located in the Gulf region. As a result of the recently initiated peace deal, new opportunities for research and development have also surfaced. The Director-General of the medical center, Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, went on to add how healthcare is a necessary and powerful engine when it comes to growth in life. He continued that the government of Israel and Bahrain have come together because of their unanimous belief that healthcare is an issue that should not be politicized. Moreover, the two countries are of the opinion that there should be no barriers when it comes to sharing resources for the purpose of health. 

The Director-General revealed that the initiative ‘Prosperity Through Healthcare’ was devised alongside Bahrain to bring about a change in the future of the people of the Middle East. In his words, he is looking forward to seeing how this friendship grows and the two countries form a meaningful partnership. The ambassador also spoke at the candle-lighting ceremony, thanking the Sheba Medical Center for inviting him. He expressed how honored he was feeling and that he was grateful for the Jewish state and the Kingdom of Bahrain developing a strong friendship over a short period of time. 

He stated how good relations between Israel and Bahrain would be instrumental in forging lasting bonds between the two people. He added that a collaboration between the government hospitals of the country, as well as Sheba, will allow for the development of exchange programs, training courses, and fellowships. Other people present at the event also included several members of the diverse medical team of the hospitals, such as Eitan Naeh, the former Ambassador to UAE, and Houda Nanoo, former Ambassador to Bahrain.

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