Fine of NIS 457,000 Imposed on Chevron by Environmental Protection Ministry

In recent news, the Environmental Protection Ministry has taken to impose a fine of NIS 457,100 on the Middle East subsidiary of Chevron, Chevron Mediterranean. These sanctions were imposed on Monday for various violations found related to the conditions discovered on the Leviathan natural gas rig. On the 17th of October in the previous year, a fire started in the kitchen situated on the Leviathan oil rig. It had been commissioned in the year 2019. Soon after an emergency silence ensued, the crew took to pumping gases into the torches of the rig, which was also written in the regulations. However, an investigation revealed that the gases had not burnt due to the missing pilot flame. 

It was revealed that there had been an additional violation, occurring due to the lack of the torch flame on the rig. Later on, as per the regulations, Chevron Mediterranean wrote up and filed a report related to the incident with the Environmental Protection Ministry. After the emergency incident took place, a wrong signal had also been sent, which halted the power flow to the control panel of the pilots. It was supposed to be sent to ensure that the gases were routed to the torches. But the incorrect signaled to all five pilots being switched off. As a result, gas was released into the air, before it could be properly treated. 

Tamar Zandberg, the environmental protection minister, talked about the incident as well. He expressed how serious it was that various toxic gases had been released into the air, against the law and contrary to the permits for emission. He went on to assure people that just like the ministry had done previously, it was taking necessary action for enforcement against the pollutants. Moreover, Zandberg stated that the ministry is going to be monitoring all the companies, which are responsible for endangering the environment, as well as the public. In his words, the relevant officials are going to persevere and remain determined. 

This recent incident is not the first time that Chevron Mediterranean has been found to have violated an environmental policy aboard its Leviathan rig. In the year 2020, the company had had to pay a fine worth $1.1 million to the Energy Ministry. This was because it had blatantly violated numerous water pollution regulations, related to more than 30 breakdowns in the operation of the rig in its first five months of operations. This included a gas leak, which according to the ministry, could possibly have turned out to be devastating. 

In other news, during the initiative of Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel, it was decided that a new campaign would be launched in cooperation with META Israel. This campaign will focus on stopping bullying on various social media websites. The reason behind this action is due to the concern that Herzog harbors on account of bullying. He is further backed by Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister, as well as Yair Lapid, the foreign minister, Ayelet Shaked, the interior minister, and several Knesset members. 

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