Grant Issued by Science Ministry for Algorithm of Historical Jewish Texts

In recent news, a research team from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) has been given a grant of a total of NIS 320,000. This was awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the State of Israel to help the institute come up with an automated algorithm in order to identify citations and references found in historical Jewish texts. Historical Jewish texts, like the Talmud, as well as other significant major sources for the traditions of the Jews, are often studied by the religion’s scholars. They are often in search of references and links in other sources and books, which is an important part of their research. 

The grant presented to the research team at HIT could help with the development of an app. Consequently, this app could allow the country to gain access to a large number of resources. The research team is going to be led by the Head of the Department of Computer Science at the institute, Dr. Jonathan Scheller. It is going to come up with a program of an automatic algorithm in order to identify the links from various Jewish source texts, as well as archaeological findings. The Holon Institute of Technology was founded back in the year 1969. It houses around 4,500 students, as per the statistics available. Moreover, the institute is well-known for coming up with a couple of innovative initiatives and programs. 

An example of such is the new coronavirus program it started. In other news, a Jewish veteran educator, Calderon, has been proposed as a potential candidate for the Jewish Agency. Yesh Atid has replaced its previous nominee, Elazar Stern, the Intelligence Services Minister, with Calderon after the former decided to withdraw from the race. However, where Stern was concerned, he had been backed by the Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, for the position of the head of the Jewish Agency. A source close to the leader of the country revealed that Bennett is currently confused about supporting the newest nominee. On the other hand, a spokesman for the Yesh Atid Party stated that Lapid believes the Prime Minister will eventually come around to endorse her.

Yair Lapid, the health minister, stated that Dr. Ruth Calderon is a role model for many, which is why the party has chosen her to be a representative. However, Calderon is suspected to be vetoed by a candidate of the selection committee, most likely an individual representing the Orthodox World Mizrachi. Should another person also agree with this representative, the ten-member committee will be unable to allow Calderon to run for the position of the Head of the agency. 

Just recently, Calderon joined the other five candidates, who were called upon to give a second interview earlier in the week. The previous MK, Michal Cotler-Wunsh, as well as the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, were both interviewed on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Danny Danon, the former minister, and Michael Oren, the former deputy minister, will be giving their second interview on Thursday night. 

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