Beersheba Maintains its Position at the Top of the Table

In recent news, the leader of the Israel Premier League, Hapoel Beersheba emerged victorious in its latest showdown against the Hapoel Hadera. The final score on the board was 2-1, as the leader of the table scored two unanswered goals and knocked off its opposition over the weekend. The first goal came from Shoval Gozlan in the 11th minute of the game. Thus, the squad coached by Mechem Koretzky took a 1-0 lead early in the match. However, Beersheba was not going to be held back and it’s red-hot, Ramzi Safouri, went on to score a gorgeous strike. This came from 30 meters out, after which the two teams headed off to their break while tied at 1-1. 

The second goal for Beersheba came by way of Miguel Vitor, who secured three points for his team, as he usually does. Roni Levy’s team erupted in cheers after Vitor’s sensational scoring. Once the game was over, Levy took to talking about the win and thanked the fans for coming out to show the team their support. He went on to encourage them to enjoy soccer, as well as its results. According to the coach, the team is currently focused on itself and is hoping to ensure healthy competition throughout, while it maintains its position at the top of the table alongside Maccabi Haifa.  

He further added that there are things for Beersheba players to improve during the game, which is something they will be working on in training to make sure that they do even better in the upcoming games. On the other hand, Bnei Sakhnin was walloped by Maccabi Haifa. The match ended with a score of 6-0 to ensure that there was enough heat at the top of the table. Ofri Arad led the game by scoring a goal in the 12th minute from the corner. Then, Omer Atzily sought Dolev Haziza just two minutes later and doubled the Green’s advantage. The match further turned interesting when Marwan Kabha received a straight red card in the 40th minute and was sent off. 

This allowed Atzily to make another goal, just as halftime was announced. Mere minutes into the beginning of the second half, Tjaron Chery made his way to the back of the goal, thus giving Baral Bachar’s team an advantage of 4-0. Another goal came from Atzily a little later, who was followed by Maor Levi. Bachar took to noting that there is tough competition at the top of the table and the Maccabi Haifa cannot afford to lose points or make any silly mistakes. He went on to applaud his team for being prepared when starting the game and getting off to a great start. In his words, the red cad was also important and helped seal the deal for his team. 

According to Bachar, the team is currently doing what needs to be done and winning all of its league games that were held in the previous month. He added that in the eight days of rest that the club now has, they will be training and preparing to face off against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

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