Condition of Man Hospitalized after Assault on Tel Aviv Highway Improves

Earlier this week, a driver was hospitalized because of head injuries after he was beaten over the head on the Tel Aviv highway.

A motorcyclist assaulted the driver with his helmet that resulted in injuries requiring hospitalized, but there was significant improvement on Wednesday.

Improved condition

The 50-year old was being treated at the Ichilov Hospital in the city in neurosurgery intensive care, but has now been released from it and declared to be in good condition.

It is expected that the driver would be released from the hospital in the next couple of days. 37-year old Arik Greenfeld is the suspected attacker.

A video showed him hitting the driver on Monday evening with his helmet. The altercation took place in the middle of rush hour traffic.

According to the attacker, he had used the helmet in self-defense because the other driver had first attached him, punching him and breaking his teeth.

He will now stay in remand until Friday. Police now want to interview the hospitalized driver and are waiting for the opportunity to do so.

On Tuesday, a family member of the driver disclosed that she had visited him in the hospital and spoken to him, but he did not remember anything.


Greenfeld is being represented by Hagit Rahmani Weiss from the office of the public defender. She stated that her client maintained that he had acted in self-defense and was cooperating with the investigators.

She also said in her statement that her client regretted his actions and had been very upset when he heard about the condition of the other driver.

The driver’s condition improved amidst details of a previous conviction of Greenfeld coming to light. He had been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

In that case, the victim’s family claimed that the accident had resulted in the victim’s death a year and a half after it.

Media reports have also shown that there is another conviction in Greenfeld’s past where he used his motorcycle helmet to hit someone on the head.

The other incidents

Reports said that the hit-and-run accident that Greenfeld had been involved in previously had also caused head injuries to the victim.

The daughter of the man said that Greenfeld ran over her father and seeing his name involved in another attack had resulted in an ‘emotional storm’ for the family.

She was not named in the report, but said that Greenfeld’s name took her back to the incident to her father. It was not disclosed when the hit-and-run had happened.

The girl disclosed that her father had been on a road crossing when Greenfeld had hit him by speeding into the junction and not stopping.

Her father flew and hit the wall on the side, but Greenfeld had not offered any help and fled the scene. She had been 19 when the incident happened and her 58-year old father suffered from head injuries.

He had died a year and a half after the incident in a nursing home, but Greenfeld had not been sent to prison because the judge believed he could be rehabilitated due to his young age.

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