Tel Aviv University Climbs Reaches 7th Spot in Global Entrepreneurship Ranking

The prestigious and renowned PitchBook ranking has placed Tel Aviv University in the seventh spot and outside of the United States, it has claimed the top spot amongst universities.

This is due to the fact that over 800 entrepreneurs who obtained their bachelor’s degrees from Tel Aviv University have raised funds of about $26.5 billion and have established 677 companies.

Annual ranking

Business data research firm named PitchBook publishes an annual ranking every year of the top 100 universities in the world.

This ranking is determined on the basis of the number of alumni entrepreneurs who have launched venture-capital backed companies.

There are a number of elite American universities that have secured their place at the top of the list, which include Harvard, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT.

The ranking of Tel Aviv University is higher than some of the top universities, including Yale, UCLA and Princeton, which are at the tenth, eleventh and twelfth spot.

The PitchBook ranking took into account some of the largest companies that have been founded by the alumni of Tel Aviv University.

These include Generate worth $3.3 billion, Fireblocks worth $1.2 billion, Trax worth $1.1 billion, Varo worth $992 million and Celsius worth $948 million.

There were three other universities from Israel that were also included in the top 100 rankings. These were Technion, Hebrew University and Ben-Gurion University, which had the 15th spot, 31st spot and 45th spot, respectively.

The President

Tel Aviv University’s President, Prof. Ariel Porat said that the primary credit for this huge success was obviously to be given to the alumni.

But, he also added that the university also does a great job of instilling a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst its students.

He said that it wasn’t a coincidence that Tel Aviv University campus boasts an excellent Entrepreneurship Center, which is expected to expand further in the coming years.

The president of the university asserted that the center would help students of TAU from social sciences, exact sciences and the humanities.

It would equip them with motivation and tools that are necessary for both social and technological endeavors.

More comments

Tel Aviv University’s Head of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Prof. Moshe Zviran also spoke on the topic.

He said that Tel Aviv University was working on making itself the primary entrepreneurial university in Israel.

He added that it wanted to become the world leader when it comes to producing entrepreneurs capable of raising venture capital, establishing companies and boosting Israel’s economy.

The department head also asserted that the fact that Tel Aviv University had managed to clinch the 7th spot in PitchBook rankings showed that their alumni was of high quality.

He also stated that it highlighted the contribution made by the entrepreneurial ecosystem that has been established on the Tel Aviv University campus, as it promotes this approach proactively in both faculty as well as students.

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