Speculation Related to Netanyahu’s Plea Deal Dismissed by Prime Minister

Just recently, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Naftali Bennett, tried to put an end to the ongoing speculation regarding the plea deal being offered to the leader of the opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu. Right at the start of the cabinet meeting on Sunday, the Prime Minister stated that all political commentators could relax and put aside any of their speculations. He told all those present at the meeting there was no need to worry, and that the government of the country is working to make sure that the lives of the citizens are made better every single day. 

However, not everyone is enthused by the opposition leader being offered a plea deal. Avigdor Liberman, the finance minister, revealed that he was not in favor of Benjamin Netanyahu being offered a way out. In his opinion, the deal is unfair and unjust, and the former Prime Minister is undeserving of it, given his crimes. He went on to quote an example of Faina Kirschenbaum, the former deputy minister for Yisrael Beytenu, who was sentenced to ten years in prison. According to Liberman, the accused, who was also his confidante, was punished for having committed fewer and less severe crimes than those that the former Prime Minister has been accused of. 

The potential plea deal on the table was also criticized by Nitzan Horowitz, the health minister, who took to Twitter to accuse Netanyahu of endangering the rule of the law in the country. In his words, no one has even come close to doing that more so than the former Prime Minister himself. Horowitz wrote that the Jewish state should focus on finding justice against the corrupt, which is in the best interests of the public. He did not hold back in expressing his distaste for concessions being made for the opposition leader.

On the other hand, two coalitions MKs, namely Michal Shir from New Hope, along with Limor Magen Telem from Yisrael Beytenu, took to revealing bills. One of these increased the time by which a convicted candidate would be prevented from becoming Prime Minister. As of now, the concept of law that applies to moral turpitude stands at seven years. If the bill is passed, the number of years will be doubled to 14. Meanwhile, Benny Gantz, the defense minister, recently managed to go over and above Bennett’s head to look into the ‘submarine affair’ that Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in. 

Gantz assigned a state commission to carry an investigation into Case 3000 and added that the issue will be presented to the entire government. According to the defense minister, it is necessary to inquire into this case, if the government wants to make the country a safe place. He believes that the Prime Minister, justice minister, and the foreign minister should come forward in support of this resolution. The foreign minister, Yair Lapid, further affirmed that he and Benny Gantz will not stop pursuing the investigation of this affair. In his words, he will keep the promise that he made to the public of the country and ensure that a security corruption case, such as the submarine one, does not go unnoticed. 

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