Sexual Assault Charges to be Dropped Against Gal Uchovsky

In recent news, the police force in the State of Israel has revealed that it is planning on recommending that the sexual assault charges brought against producer and screenwriter, Gal Uchovsky, be dropped at the earliest. The accused also happens to be one of the most well-known activists for LGBT rights in the country. Back in the month of November, the police first began investigating the producer, soon after a broadcaster published a couple of testimonies. These had been given by men claiming to have been assaulted by Uchovsky in the last couple of years. Once the accusations were made in such a public manner, relevant police officials sat down with the accusers, as well as Uchovsky, to talk about the incidents. 

After the interviews, the authorities concluded that in at least two cases, there had been no indication of criminal behavior on the part of the LGBT rights activist. The third case brought against Uchovsky, which had taken place around 14 years ago, had been deemed irrelevant. The reason behind this was given to be that the statute of limitations had run out. Consequently, the police at the time had recommended that the prosecutors working on the case should shut it down. When these complaints against the screenwriter had first been made, he had declared that he would be fully cooperating with the investigative authorities. 

In his words, he had done nothing wrong and a complete and thorough investigation into the matter would show that he was innocent. He firmly stated that he had not committed any offenses nor crossed any lines into criminal behavior. However, shortly after the broadcast released the expose, Uchovsky chose to step down as the President of the Israel Gay Youth (IGY). Being a famous TV personality, he had apologized to everyone and stated that he did not believe this was the right time for him to be leading a non-profit organization in the country, which serves the LGBTQ youth in the Jewish state. 

Later on, Uchovsky had taken to give a statement on Facebook, in which he did not directly deny any of the alleged sexual interactions that had occurred with the two accusers. But he did say that he had not intended to cause harm to anyone or hurt their sentiments. Only a couple of days after this statement, another accuser contacted the authorities to report sexual misconduct on the part of the producer. The first complaint made against Uchovsky alleged that the accused had assaulted him around a year and a half ago. This had happened while the two had been pursuing a sexual encounter that they had arranged beforehand. 

While the two were together, the accuser claimed that the chairman of IGY had crossed boundaries that they had mutually decided not to. The complainant asserted that he had been clear about his refusal to Uchovsky’s sexual advances but that the accused did not bother stopping. On the other hand, the second complainant claimed that the producer had forced himself upon him during an ongoing work meeting. 

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