Protestors Accost Sara Netanyahu at Tel Aviv Salon

On Wednesday, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got trapped in a hair salon in Tel Aviv, as hundreds of people protesting against the government gathered outside.

Sara Netanyahu had no other choice but to wait for hours, as the police had to be called for keeping the protestors away and for extricating her from the salon.

The protestors

Throughout the day, protestors were marching in Tel Aviv and other cities around the country against the government because of its plans of overhauling the judiciary.

They also resumed their protests at night in a number of places, which included Tel Aviv, Zichron Ya’akov, Jerusalem, Pardes Hanna-Karkur and Nahariya.

Earlier in the day, Tel Aviv had also seen clashes happen between protestors and the police, where the latter had had to use force for subduing the former.

When demonstrators in Tel Aviv heard that Sara Netanyahu had gone to an establishment at the Kikar HaMedina Plaza for a haircut, they immediately rushed there.

The police was quickly sent to the location for keeping the protestors away, while the wife of the premier was holed up inside.

Eventually, Sara Netanyahu had been evacuated after a large number of police officers had arrived at the scene.

The premier

This incident took place as a statement was issued by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the country.

In the said statement, he had compared the Tel Aviv protestors who were clashing with the police to settlers who had gone on a rampage in Huwara, a Palestinian town, earlier in the week.

Some of the fiercest and largest protests were carried out on Wednesday against the government’s overhaul plans for the judiciary, with a number of massive demonstrations all over Israel.

Aggressive measures were used against protestors in Tel Aviv who had attempted to block the Ayalon Highway, which included the use of stun grenades and water cannons.

According to the authorities, 50 people were arrested and 11 got injured in the various clashes that occurred.

The incident

After sundown, people again resumed the anti-government protests, as demonstrators marched through the city center in Tel Aviv before they went to Kikar Hamedina.

They stood outside the hair salon and chanted loudly. They stated that Israel was burning and Netanyahu’s wife was getting a haircut.

Opposition leaders who have been calling for the protests were also taken aback by the decision of the demonstrators to surround the premier’s wife at the hair salon.

Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition and Benny Gantz, a senior opposition MK, also called on the protestors to let Sara leave.

When the police arrived to extricate her, the protestors asked there where they had been in Huwara. This was in reference to the late response from the police and the military while settlers had rampaged.

The premier tweeted a picture of him embracing his wife and called for the anarchy to stop. The hair stylist who had been with Sara said that he was shocked, but the premier’s wife had calmed her down.

He said that he had not experienced anything like this before.

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