Prime Minister Announces Salary Rise for IDF Troops

In recent news, the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) are going to be receiving a significant rise in their salaries. This news was announced by Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel.For over five years, the salaries of these frontline combat soldiers have been at NIS 2,400, which increased from NIS 1,600. Troops working in support units of these combat soldiers have seen an increase to NIS 1,200 from NIS 800 in the same time period. According to the leader of the country, this pay raise is necessary given everything that the soldiers do for the country. In his words, it is necessary to reward these heroes a little bit for what they do. 

As per Israeli regulations, the soldiers of the IDF do not receive a monthly salary, rather subsistence costs. These are aimed at providing troops with financing while they take leaves. In the month of November, the Finance and Defense Ministries stated that some soldiers, specifically the conscripted ones, will be seeing an increase of 50% in their pay. However, this news was met with a large backlash from the public. In addition, what made matters worse was when retired career officers received a major boost in their pensions, whereas the pay of the troops was kept the same. Moreover, motivation had further decreased in the citizens of the country to serve in the force, particularly the combat units. 

Various stories have also surfaced from different troops complaining about the miserable state of affairs in the military. According to some accounts uploaded on social media, soldiers have to put up with lack of transportation from moving from base to base, inedible food, as well as long lines when they visit doctors. Consequently, Bennett pointed out that there are large chunks of the population in Israel that do not want to serve in the force anymore. Thus, he added, it is the right decision to award those who do. He further expressed his gratitude towards the soldiers that serve the country. 

The Prime Minister went on to thank the citizens who choose to enlist in the IDF, saying that it would not be possible for the country to be safe without their protection. Furthermore, the leader of Israel has announced that in the final and third year of service, troops working in combat units will witness a pay rise. Their new salary will be of NIS 3,048, whereas combat support troops will be receiving NIS 1,793. In addition, people in administrative positions will be able to earn NIS 1,235. 

This increase in pay was announced at a time when various measures are being taken in the military, soon after the state budget was approved. This includes steps taken to establish Northern Shield, which will work to improve the facilities provided by shelters located in northern areas of Israel. Moreover, the One Soul program was also introduced to aid veterans diagnosed with PTSD. The rise in salaries is going to cost the government no less than NIS 900 million, a figure which will be funded by the budgets belonging to the Finance and Defense Ministries. 

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