Iran Threatens to Raze Tel Aviv in Video

A video was aired by the state broadcaster in Iran, which describes what the government claims would be the response if the nuclear sites in the country are attacked by Israel.

The video warned that they would destroy Israeli targets in minutes and Tel Aviv would be razed in a wave of rocket attacks after.

The video

On December 17th, the video in question was aired on IRIB TV2, which is controlled by the stat and it was reported on Monday by the Middle East Media Research Institute monitor group based in Washington.

Israel is committed to preventing Iran from getting its hands on nuclear weapons and has said repeatedly that it would strike Iranian facilities to deal with what it regards as an existential threat.

Younes Shadlou was the narrator in the video clip who said that exercises had recently been held by Israel in the United States, which stimulated an attack in Iran.

Shadlou said that if the jets from Israel do manage to reach the nuclear site in Natanz and inflict some damage, it would take them an hour to go back to their own base.

The narrator said that the important question was figuring out if they would actually have a base left to return to.

The nuclear site that was mentioned is a prominent facility buried under a mountain where advanced centrifuges have been installed by Iran for enriching uranium.

The explanation

After the remarks, footage was shown of several surface-to-surface missiles being launched and impacting on the ground.

Shadlou said that a huge number of solid-fuel missiles would be launched by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps within seven minutes and they would destroy their targets.

The narrator said that the Dimona nuclear warhead production site of Israel would be one of the targets.

While Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, it is widely believed to have a huge number of them and one of the key ones is the Dimona facility.

More details

Shadlou said that there would be another wave of attacks after the strategic missiles are fueled. He said that Dimona would be left almost completely destroyed and Tel Aviv would also be razed.

The video came to an end with footage of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, in which he said that they would raze Haifa and Tel Aviv if Israel was to make even the slightest mistake.

This particular clip is 11 years old. Mossad intelligence chief and a former Israeli defense official had warned on Saturday that Iran was close to producing weapons-grade uranium

According to Zohar Palti, the military capabilities of Israel are enough to attack Iran and it does not need to wait for a green light from the US to do so.

But, he did add that it was necessary to coordinate with Washington. He said that if they do decide on such a scenario, it would not be about religion or politics.

There have been reports about Iran coming closer to the possibility of making nuclear weapons.

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