Inauguration of Cultural Center in Rahat Attended by President Herzog

In recent news, the President of the State of Israel, Isaac Herzog, has demonstrated that he wants to preside over the entire nation of the country, which includes citizens belonging to different cultures. For this reason, he made sure to be in attendance in Rahat, the greatest Bedouin city located in the desert of Negev. It was there that he participated in the inauguration ceremony of the first leisure and modern cultural center in the area. There were various other dignitaries present at the event, such as the deputy minister for Israeli Internal Security, Yoav Segalovitz, MK Mansour Abbas, a member of the coalition of the government, along with the head of Mifal Hapayis, Israeli National Lottery, Avigdor Yitzhaki. 

The chairman of Mifal Hapayis was also the director-general of the office of the Prime Minister, back in the day. All these dignitaries, along with others, were warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Rahat, Fayez Abu Sahiban, to the new cultural center built with the help of the National Lottery. The status of a city was granted to Rahat due to its urban character. The residents of the area are not nomads but have been residing in modern apartment buildings for a long time. In addition, a majority of the people living here have university degrees. Herzog was called upon to speak at the inauguration ceremony as well. The leader talked about the heritage and history of the Bedouin housed in the Negev, highlighting the important role being played by the community in the society of Israel. 

Moreover, the President went on to congratulate Rahat on inaugurating its latest cultural icon, saying that the 70,000 residents who live here, deserve to have an establishment that they could all take pride in. However, despite the happy and festive occasion, Herzog made it a point to mention the recent unrest that has been reported in the Bedouin society. He called the community out on its violent clashes that have ensued with law enforcement authorities, as well as the law violations made by them. 

In his words, it is the responsibility of the entire Israel to protect the rule of law and lives of the people. The President went on to say that it is a common fight that unites state authorities, Israeli police force, municipalities, religious leaders, parents, and teachers. He stressed upon the importance of standing together to ensure that this struggle is a success. The leader of the State of Israel encouraged people to not sow hatred and give rise to chaos, instead foster hope and build bonds that can allow everyone to coexist peacefully. According to him, once the people of the country put aside their differences and work together, they will be able to see just how similar they are and how strong the society can be when the people choose each other. 

Herzog further added that he sees the cultural center as a place of honor and hope. This was also reiterated by Abu Sahiban, who added that Rahat is capable of creating a quality life for the people residing in the city, as well as bring about socioeconomic development. 

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