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When you search topics related to fitness on the internet, you find a lot of people complaining about the issues with the modern lifestyles. You have to agree with them on the challenges that we face only because of the types of lifestyles we are living today. However, you also have to agree that most of these people focus only on the issue. They never talk about solutions. What you want to know is a solution to your problems, not just a commentary on the problems. Of course, since you live in the same world, you also know the problems from first-hand experience.

Ido Fishman, on the other hand, is probably one of the fewest fitness experts today that focus on solutions rather than narrating problems. If you are looking to solutions to your common fitness problems associated with modern lifestyles, you should continue reading.

The Common Fitness Problems and Their Solutions

·         Too Much Belly Fat

That’s one of the most embarrassing problems that a lot of people are facing today. Unsurprisingly, the entire world is trying to deal with this problem. The biggest reason for the belly fat is the modern lifestyle again. People are working in offices, sitting in their seats under air conditioning units all the time. What people do not realize is that this problem starts to occur very slowly. Most of the people who are accumulating belly fat are not even sure about it. They think their belly looks a little bulged only because they have not gone to the bathroom for some while or have drunk a lot of water just a few minutes ago.

When you start your practical life and sit in your office for several hours, you start accumulating the belly fat instantly. At first, the difference is not that clear and that’s why you are not able to notice it. You take first serious notice of your belly fat when someone points it out to you. They tell you that you look fat and that’s when the moment of realization comes. However, it is already very late at that point. The quality of the belly fat is that it does not go away that easily. You can get rid of fat on any other part of your body through exercising, but the belly fat is going to be there untouched.

The Solution

Ido Fishman says the problem is not just with the way you sit in your seat. In fact, he believes that many offices are culprits in making people fat. He thinks that it is the responsibility of the office owners to arrange proper furniture for their workers. Today, you have active furniture category, which includes furniture items that allow you to keep moving even when you are working. Many items in this furniture category compel you to sit in a posture or at times, you are not sitting at all. Furthermore, companies should communicate with their employees and talk about the importance of their sitting postures.

The next phase of the problem is not related to sitting at all. It is, in fact, related to the lifestyle that people adopt as soon as they start earning. When you are a student, you only have so much money in your pocket to spend on luxuries. However, as soon as you start earning, you want to spend more because you have some handsome amount in your bank account at all times. Your lifestyle sees a huge transition here. You start eating at restaurants and order pizzas more frequently than you used to before. This constant change in your eating habits is what causes you to gain the belly fat.

Curb the diet change as much as you can if you are looking to avoid the belly fat. If nothing, you should balance your new eating habits with new exercising sessions as well. If you never thought of exercising before, now is the time to do it.

·         Skinniness

It is unfortunate that the world has focused so much on body fat and weight loss that it has completely ignored the issue of being skinny. Yes, you still have people in the world who suffer from the problem of being too thin. They can’t seem to gain weight no matter what they do. Put them in offices, make them sleep all day, or give them the worst sedentary lifestyle, they still will not show any signs of gaining any body weight. This can be a huge problem for people. There are people who think skinniness is not a problem but they are completely wrong. It is as much of a problem as weight gaining is.

You are exposed to even more dangerous conditions when you are too skinny. Not to mention, when you can’t gain weight, it is already pointing to a specific issue with your body. While weight gain becomes the cause of many problems, skinniness is proof to the presence of a problem in your body already. Perhaps, your digestive system is not working at its optimum. You eat foods but they are not properly digested and so your body cannot consume them. There could be some other serious problem that your body is dealing with and you do not know.

You must not ignore people who are skinny and they know the reason. For example, there are people who can’t gain weight because they have too much depression to deal with. They can’t gain weight because they don’t feel like eating at any time. Depression can cause people to lose their appetite. However, depression can be a huge problem in itself and one must not shrug it off just like that. It can lead to suicides, as it does millions of times around the world every year.

The Solution

According to Ido Fishman, when you are too skinny, you should not be focusing only on getting fat. You might think that they you do not have enough fat on your body and so you should eat, but that’s not always the solution. The first thing you have to do is to meet a doctor to know the cause of your skinniness. As mentioned earlier, being thin is not something normal. It tells you that your body is not doing something, which it is supposed to do. If you are eating well and have a proper lifestyle, skinniness does not have any space in it.

So, meet your doctor for consultation first and know the root cause that’s causing you to be skinny. If everything else seems fine, you can then focus on your eating habits. Ido Fishman advises making the right changes. According to him, people who are skinny can end up misunderstanding a few things. Just because they do not have proper body weight, they could end up thinking that they can eat anything. In an attempt to be fat, they start eating food that’s not healthy for them. Just because you are trying to get rid of your skinniness problem does not mean you have to be found at KFC or McDonald’s every day.

Make the right lifestyle changes. The first thing you want to do is to create a list of the foods that can provide you with the highest number of proteins. Sometimes, people eat a lot but their diet consists of foods that do not contain enough proteins. So, you have to make sure that you eat foods with lots of proteins in them. At the same time, you have to keep in mind the side effects or reactions that your body can show to certain foods. You do not want to eat everything blindly because that will cause health issues.

Too Much Body Weight

This is one of the most dangerous issues that you have to deal with. Too much body weight does not always mean you will look extremely fat. At times, people have bodies that do not reflect the actual weight very well. In reality, these people have a lot of fat on just about every part of the body. As a result, they have a lot of body weight. However, since this extra weight is evenly distributed, they can’t notice nor the people who meet them every day. However, just because you do not look fat does not mean you are not fat. If you get on the weight machine and your weight surprises you, there is something you need to pay attention to.

There are many signs of having too much body weight despite the fact that you do not look fat. For example, your legs will start hurting when you walk a little more than you normally do. For example, your shins will start hurting as soon as you have walked a couple of kilometers. The other issue you will notice is join pain when you walk, run or climb stairs. Your body is telling you that it is handling more weight than it can handle. You have to lose this weight as soon as possible before it starts hurting you. There are many other indications of having too much body weight.

One of the best indications is when you have to wear socks. If you can’t bend down without gasping and losing your breath completely, you have body weight that should not be there. Try and eat your meal while sitting on the floor once. Wear normal clothing with a belt around your waste. Do you feel comfortable eating this way? If not, then there is a problem that you have to deal with as soon as possible. The urge to wear lose fitting clothes is another indication that your body is high and you cannot fit into normal fitting clothes. There are many other such indications that you will observe in your daily routine if you pay attention to them.

At the end of the day, what you have to realize is that this is a problem. It is not something that you should ignore. Neglecting this problem is going to make matters worse, which is something you do not want. You can say that having fat all over your body is just as dangerous as having fat on your belly.

The Solution

Ido Fishman has something interesting to say about this issue. He advises that you should look at yourself in the mirror without your clothes on. He believes that one of the biggest issues with people who have this problem is that they do not get the chance to see themselves in the mirror. They always look at themselves while wearing clothes. What they do not realize is that they are intuitively buying clothes that look good on their bodies. In a way, they are unintentionally using their clothes to hide the flaws of their body. These flaws are in the form of excessive fat on various parts of the body.

So, the first thing you should do is to look at yourself in the mirror in just your underwear. You can always use your smartphone camera to take your pictures. That’s exactly what people on social media have done as well. Once you have taken the pictures, you have to start working on the issue. Tell a few people about your condition so you can be answerable to someone. Many people quit their fitness routines only because there is no one to whom they have to be answerable for quitting.

Measure every part of the body with an inch-tape so you know where you stand. You then have to work on every part of the body through various workouts to lose weight and look normal. The idea is to fit into clothes that you do not fit into now.

Bottom Line

As a human being, you have to realize that you have a brain that can think of solutions rather than pointing out problems. Describing the problem will never help you in any way. What works is taking an action as soon as your realize that you have a fitness problem. And there is no better time to start getting fit than right now.

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