Historic Dead Sea Landmark Welcomes the Public Again

In recent news, the Moshe Novomiesky Visitor Center, located in close proximity to the Dead Sea, is soon going to be opening its doors to the public. This is the first time that the site will be permitting the public to enter since the 1940s and will be operational throughout Hanukkah that is from the 29th of November to the 6th of December. Amongst the numerous sites located along the historic dead sea, this particular visitor center was constructed as a tribute to the story of the well-known Zionist, Moshe Novomiesky. In the year 1934, Novomeiski had been living in what used to be referred to as the British Mandate of Palestine. 

At the time, Thomas Gregory Tolock, a British engineer, had started up the Land of Israel Potash Company, which was a large-scale factory, situated in the northern Dead Sea. These factories made use of evaporation techniques to develop shallow pools from the waterproof salt soil they collected. The salty water was then dried to produce a potassium-rich salt, pinkish-orange in color. It was called potash and is mined even today from underground deposits that formed due to the evaporated sea beds, some millions of years ago. The 80 kilometers that stand between the two factories posed various challenges. One of these was that traveling from one factory to the other was only possible through a boat, but the journey was made difficult due to the violent gushing waters. 

Moreover, the distance that lay between the two factories made it difficult to transport workers and goods from one site to another, given the challenging environmental conditions. Therefore, Moshe Novomiesky and his partner had to cease operations, sometime in the late 1940s. The exhibition that will talk about the story of Moshe Novomiesky is an important part of the Moreshet Week celebrated in the State of Israel. It takes place annually to recognize and glorify the national heritage of the country. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebrations had to be halted. However, this year, the Moreshet week will take place throughout the Jewish state during Hanukkah. 

In other news, a popular hamburger chain in the State of Israel, BBB, has decided to launch a new brand by the name, BBB By the Way. The new chain will consist of food trucks, which will run throughout the country and adjacent to gas station complexes of Dor Alon. The group has made a substantial investment of no less than NIS 30 million, in order to ensure the move. The food trucks will become operational, like all of the brands of the group through franchises. The current franchisees of the group, on the other hand, will be granted the first right to operate one of these trucks and generate additional profits. 

In the upcoming week, two additional food trucks will begin their operations after they are installed at the Dvira Junction, as well as the Kibbutz Magal interchange. These two were specifically brought in to the country from Europe and will be stationed at Dor Alon complexes in these two locations. 

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