Essence Group Develops Advanced Personal Protection Technologies for Global Use

The CEO of Essence Group, Dr. Haim Amir, recently stated that he wants to expand into the healthcare and personal security sectors. He wants to make sure that his leading technology company is able to revolutionize these fields, much like Apple did with cellular communication. The Essence Group develops end-to-end and cloud-based healthcare and security solutions. These are devised to provide protection to people while they are at home or at work. The company, which is based in the State of Israel, has developed technology that can provide complete protection to people and allow them to have peace of mind. According to Amir, it is breaking down existing paradigms in the healthcare and personal security sectors. The CEO went on to add that Essence Group aims to offer a unique experience to people across the globe. 

In his words, once people use the company’s products, they will be unable to imagine their lives without them. Essence focuses on creating and building smart home security systems, which use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovative technologies to ensure security in real time for a large number of clients. Annually, the company has managed to successfully install working and efficient systems in more than 46 countries and sell no less than 15 million devices. Just recently, Essence started its own line of recently developed advanced products. These have even received recognition on international platforms. At the latest CES trade show held in Las Vegas, Essence received two awards for innovation for two of its most recent developments. 

Thus, the company was recognized at the most influential technology-related event in the world. One of its developments is MyShield, which is a comprehensive and cellular-connected intruder prevention system. It has been deemed to be the first of its kind, which can also be used without an internet connection as a standalone device. Moreover, it can function as a home electrical system as well, but only to CAT-M networks. MyShield further includes a motion detector based on passive infrared technology, which is a high-definition camera to identify intruders. It is equipped with a proprietary smoke generator to fill a 30-square meter room with smoke in 15 seconds, to disorient an intruder, without causing any significant harm. 

Furthermore, a two-way-voice communication system has been added to ensure ease and convenience of the clients. Over one million units of its former generation were sold off in Israel and Europe. In the Jewish state, the product was acquired by Team-3 Group, which then distributed it amongst the customer base. Amir explained that the smoke will prevent intruders from seeing anything in the room or be able to do anything. Since they will be unable to do much, the intruder will have no choice but to leave. In case the intruder tries to come tamper with the device, other methods will be activated to deter him. The CEO revealed that there have been cases where the intruder became so disoriented by the smoke that they had to wait until the police arrived to extricate them. 

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