Actress Amber Heard Seen in Tel Aviv

Hollywood actress Amber Heard has recently been spotted at a popular restaurant in Tel Aviv this Monday. It is assumed that the actress arrived in the country over the weekend.

Where and in Whose Company

As per the various social media posts, Heard was seen sitting and chatting with a Jewish activist and journalist, Eve Barlow, who is known to be among the closest friends of Heard.

They were both spotted at HaBasta, a famous café located in central Tel Aviv.

The Legal Battle

Amber Heard is presently reeling from a legal battle, one of Hollywood history’s high-profile cases, with ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp. Unfortunately for her, she lost the case and was ordered by court to pay Depp more than $10 million.

The judge, however, also ruled the actress will get two million US dollars in compensations, having started a countersuit.

Johnny Depp had sued the actress and his former wife for fifty million dollars in damages for a 2018 Washington Post view article in which Amber Heard claimed she turned out to be a “public figure demonstrating domestic abuse.”

Over 6,000 pages of pre-trial legal documents had been opened over the weekend enlightening a swing of ugly claims that weren’t let into the trial.

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