Tel Aviv Sees ‘Crime Minister’ Protests Held Once More

On Saturday, there was a ‘Crime Minister’ protest held in Tel Aviv after almost a year. Last year in June, the government of Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Yair Lapid had been sworn into office and there had been no such protests since then.

The Crime Minister movement

This particular movement had become widespread when Benjamin Netanyahu had still been the prime minister of Israel. The protests were held every Saturday night against Netanyahu and had been conducted in Balfour Street, outside the house of the prime minster in Jerusalem, as well as in Tel Aviv.

The protest this Saturday had been against the prospect of Benjamin Netanyahu becoming the prime minister of Israel once more. However, this was not the only reason behind the protest. With Israel heading for its fifth election in the last three or so years, there is a possibility that Netanyahu’s party may win.

If it does, it will form a coalition and there are rumors that he will be forming it with Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir of the Religious Zionist Party.

The three politicians

Those who were conducting the protest were not in favor of the three politicians. As a matter of fact, the posters that were brought by the protestors were called messianic and corrupt. This was in reference to the ongoing trial against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as he has been accused of corruption during his time in the office.

There are several cases opened against Netanyahu and this has only intensified the Crime Minister movement. In fact, the former coalition of Naftali Bennett had even tried to pass a legislation that would prevent Netanyahu from taking office. The said legislation asserted that anyone with criminal charges against them cannot become the premier. But, the coalition had to drop the bill.


Those in support of Netanyahu also showed up at the protest’s location to do a counter-protest of their own. Their signs indicated that they believe Netanyahu to be the best leader for Israel. Others also said that if they did not opt for him, they would have to settle for Ahmad Tibi, the head of the Joint Arab List’s party.

The Crime Minister movement said that Netanyahu is a threat to democracy and they had managed to stop him earlier. But, it said that he was back again now and was more dangerous than ever because he had formed an alliance with Kahanists and the messianic cult.

They said that it was time for Israel to wake up and stop this from happening, or they would not be able to have a liberal and democratic country. It was asserted that Ben Gvir should not be included in the government.

Ben-Gvir had given a press conference last month in which he put forward a plan for right-wing parties to join hands in the upcoming election. According to him, this would help them ensure that they can form a government and lead it in the future.

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