Tel Aviv Deemed as One of the Worst Cities for ‘Creative’ Professionals

Israel has managed to garner international appeal and has also been labelled as the ‘Startup Nation’ in the Middle East.

However, a new survey discovered that Israel, particularly the city of Tel Aviv, is considered to be one of the worst cities in the world for ‘creative’ professionals to reside.

The survey

Business Name Generator (BNG), the advertising giant, conducted the survey in question and it involved a comparison of 50 global cities.

The goal was to identify which cities have the most lucrative ‘creative’ jobs to offer, including fields like architecture, music, art and other humanist areas.

BNG is part of an online advertising and ecommerce conglomerate named Adventrum Group, which was launched in 2020.

Therefore, the company is able to access data of about four million users via the website of the group on a daily basis.

In order to determine the rankings of the cities in the list, a number of standards were first established by BNG.

These factors included an estimate number of creative jobs that could be found, the average salary paid for these jobs on a monthly basis and the cost of living on average for an individual, including rent.

The results

According to some, the results do not really come as a surprise, given that the booming hi-tech sector in Israel is responsible for 53% of the GDP.

Therefore, the demand for jobs in creative fields in Tel Aviv as well as Israel is bound to be low. But, how far did the country really rank in the list?

Two separate top ten lists were put together by BNG in the survey. The first was the top ten best cities to live in and top ten worst cities to live in for ‘creatives’.

The undesirable places for ‘creative’ professionals to live in included Tel Aviv, Athens (Greece), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Porto (Portugal), Melbourne (Australia) and Medellin (Colombia).

Melbourne ranked 10th, while Porto ranked sixth, Medellin 7th, Athens 8th and Kuala Lumpur stood at the 9th position.

More details

The average number of creative jobs that were available in these cities was lower than 3,700 and the pay was less than $2,130. As for costs, they were higher than $2,100.

Manila (Philippines) was the fifth worst city and the fourth one was Tel Aviv. The latter had 3,456 positions to offer to creative professionals and the monthly salary stood at $1,367.

The cost of living in Tel Aviv stood at $1,121, which is considered one of the world’s most expensive cities.

To put it simply, creative jobs in Tel Aviv do not pay enough for people to be able to cover their monthly expenses.

The remaining three spots were taken up by Johannesburg (South Africa) and Mumbai and New Delhi in India.

The average number of jobs offered to creative professionals in the top three cities were 7,861 and their monthly average salary was around $1,200.

As far as the average monthly cost of living in these cities is concerned, it stood at around $1,100.

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