Remilk in Israel to Open The Largest Facility of Cow-Free Milk in the World in Denmark

In recent news, a food-tech startup, Remilk, from the State of Israel, revealed that it is planning on establishing the largest facility in the world in Denmark. The cultured dairy and milk developer will be operating this facility in order to ensure the production of cow-free milk in the country. The facility has been decided to be of 750,000 square feet and will be constructed inside an eco-industrial park in Kalundborg, Denmark. Founded in the year 2019, the Israel-based food tech startup produces milk proteins through the fermentation process of yeast. It causes them to be chemically identical to those proteins that are commonly found in cow-produced dairy and milk products. 

According to the CEO and founder of the company, Aviv Wolff, the result of the fermentation process produces milk that is 100% the same as a normal link. However, he pointed out that the milk produced by the company is free of growth hormones, cholesterol, antibiotics, and lactose. Ori Cohavi, the scientist partner of the founder, and the founder himself figured out the chemical composition of milk. Together, they assessed the lactose, sugar, and fat present in the liquid and determined that the primary ingredient used to make milk is protein. Remilk is thus recreating milk proteins by using a unique process.

First, the genes are taken to be encoded and inserted into a microbe of a single cell. It is then manipulated genetically to express the protein in a scalable and efficient manner. As per Wolff, the product is eventually then dried to reduce it to powder form. Wolff went on to explain that the food-tech startup is making dairy products, which emulate the properties of cow-milk products. He said that Remilk is currently aiming to ensure identical texture, taste, meltiness of the products, and paying special attention to no lactose and no cholesterol characteristics. 

According to the CEO, the team at the company has managed to port the entire mechanism that goes into producing milk and transferred it to a single-cell microbe. In his words, cows are no longer going to be needed for milk and the country does not need to spend resources to create a 900-kilogram animal. The founder of Remilk further added that relying on cows to help people make their food is not a sustainable idea anymore. He added that the implication of farming animals is causing a great deal of harm to the planet. 

The model of food production of the company will be at least 100 times more efficient than the dairy system that currently exists. It has also been revealed that it will be 25 times more efficient when it comes to feedstock, and 20 times more efficient where time is concerned. The CEO further clarified that the new milk will also be 10 times more efficient in terms of water. The new facility is being set up to allow Remilk to produce its proteins to be used in products, such as yogurt, ice cream, and cheese. 

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